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Hello, we are ACE! Though we are a team of only a few people, our innovative and forward thinking guarantees you get the best product for your money. We constantly use material from the environment, thus we have adapted an Aboriginal outlook on things and attempt to use every part. Why? As earth’s ecological state is tearing itself apart we are attempting to stop the damage by revolutionizing furniture, making furniture even more environmentally friendly and recyclable.


By: Amy & Edward

On Wednesday, January the 24th at 9:30AM to Thursday, January the 25th at 2:20PM we are having our auction in the library at Lisgar. Make sure to come and check it out!

Scroll down for more information on our product and our company.

Thanks to Paola for awesome photos!

All money raised goes towards
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Young Man with Glasses

Cubix is a multi use furniture. It can be used as a seat, shelf and even a desk! We put a lot of time, effort and careful planning into making this just right. There is a removable foot rest that can be stacked on the main structure or, used as a foot rest or seat. This ottoman has a compartment where you can put anything and turn it around to hide it against the wall. A great place for a backpack to be hidden! The shelves are each double sided for whatever use you would like. It is strong, sturdy and can hold up to 150 pounds on the sitting section. This piece of furniture will be a great addition to your house! The dimensions are 1.75m in length (including the ottoman) and 1.25m without. It is 1m tall and 0.5m deep. Each compartment is approximately 37 cm tall and 24 cm deep. The ottoman's compartment is 37cm tall and 49cm deep.

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One tree can start a forest

One smile can begin a friendship

One hand can lift the soul

One word can frame the goal

One candle can wipe out the darkness

One laugh can conquer gloom

One hope can raise your spirits

One touch can show you care

One life can make a difference 

Be that one today

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We need to take action now to try to reverse or help all the harm we've caused our planet. Working to go green is needed to create a more sustainable environment. Think about the big idea of sustainability; there are three sections. Economic, Environmental and Social. ACE aims to reach all of these ideas by creating reused furniture causing less waste, people getting furniture and affordable furniture.

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Vincent Van Gogh

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"


Fix the problem

Earth is in our hands. WE need to fix what WE'VE done. We can't just say "someone will do it later". Our Earth is dying because of us. Animals are being harmed, natural areas depleted. you can't just say "I'm just one person, what can I do?" because there are over 7 billion people saying that. YOU need to be the one to make a difference. Start a revolution where we care more about the Earth. Just one person, anyone, can change the world. If you don't start it, who will and if you don't start, be one of the first to follow because that's what really starts a wave of movement.
What you can do:
- recycle
- pick up waste
- reuse items that can be
- change up your ways  to make them more sustainable
- use less water
- use less electricity
- buy products that use recycled material
- encourage others to do the same

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